Black professional basketball players targeted and accused of petty theft by american airlines


On Tuesday December 26, Memphis Hustle guard Marquis Teague and forward Trahson Burrell were accused by American Airlines staff of theft of cheap nasty blankets used on the plane. The irony is the accuser is a house nigger! He saw his fellow black brothers with items from the master's quarters (first class) and immediately assumed they stole them (because that's what his ignorant house nigger mind was trained to think).

The blankets were given to the pro players by first class passengers who recognized and wanted to acknowledge them.

Two first-class passengers gave the players their blankets as they headed to their seats in coach. But a black flight attendant accused them of theft and forced them off the plane.

Because the self-hating house nigger watches only white sports (ice skating, x-games etc), he had no idea he was in the presence of superiority.

American Airlines has apologized to the basketball players and later gave them free first class seats to their destination.


Allison is the editor-in-chief of The Media Mill and a columnist for NYD. Currently I am working on a book of essays to be published in the coming year.
Category: Social Beat


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