Is the criminal jim bakker an idiot or just senile?


The crazed comeback televangelist Jim Bakker who was imprisoned in the 1980s for embezlement and many other crimes, has been trying to peddle his 'apocalypse survival kit' for the past 15 years, and his efforts have failed miserably. He tries to use fear by giving predictions of the end of the world as stated in the bible, but he has been wrong (who knew) every time.

Now this fool has released his rage towards people and using his own made up belief to scare people who mock him for his obvious lies, with the declaration that his imaginary 'god' will punish those who make fun of his nonsense predictions. It's all just marketing. If he can get the idiots who listen to him to be afraid, they will buy his garbage 'survival kit'.

Here is what makes it an obvious lie:

his and all christians' claim is that the apocalypse as defined in the story book called 'bible', is supposedly the time when 'jesus' "comes for his people". If that's true, why would 'jesus people' want survival kits from con man bakker? That is a clear contradiction of the fable of revelation, then again, the entire nonsense bible is loaded with contradictions, but don't tell that to a simple minded imbecile that prefers belief over facts.

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