Maybe the book "Fire and Fury" is a collusion by Wolff, Trump and Bannon to make millions in 1 week

Maybe the book

The book by Michael Wolff would not be a 'bestseller' had it not received 5 days of free global advertising through mass media who could not resist the daily banter. Maybe if we follow the money, we will find that it is entirely a colluded effort by Wolff, Trump, Bannon and the media to make billions in a few days.

Bad Lip reading - christmas with the trumpsBad Lip reading - christmas with the trumps

Think about it: Wolff is allowed to write sordid details about the current White House troupe (it's a theater in the house), question the now branded 'sloppy steve' and leak preview copies to all the major networks, just before release. Any other writer would have to pay the networks just to show the book cover on TV.

The whole thing is just one big greedy scam.


Allison is the editor-in-chief of The Media Mill and a columnist for NYD. Currently I am working on a book of essays to be published in the coming year.
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