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Ohio Republican legislator who hates gays is caught having gay sex :)

Extreme rightwing and super conservative fundamental CHRISTIAN Wes Goodman who is married with kids,  ran a hate campaign claiming “family ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 4:44pm

Is it racist?

In 2014 the South African 'charity' organization called "Feed A Child" published this ad to solicit support, but it went totally wrong. The goal was ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 5:46pm

The old 'christmas blackface' festival continues in Belgium despite protests

Zwarte Piet or in English Black Pete, is the companion of Saint Nicholas in the folklore of the Low Countries. The character first appeared in an ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 6:10pm

The things that make you go WTF!

She claims to earn cash from men who get erotic pleasure from watching her shove food in her mouth. Das just nasty!
Tuesday, December 26 2017 6:36pm

Kids saved by a great braking system on a Volvo semi truck

Those Volvo rigs seem superior in braking. Checkout how this semi truck in Norway (somewhere) stopped on a dime and no trailer jack-knifing occur. ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 10:05pm

She catches mudfish between her legs

Tuesday, December 26 2017 10:42pm

Top UFC knockouts of 2017

Tuesday, December 26 2017 10:58pm

The JBL headphone commercial is truly funny

Tuesday, December 26 2017 11:14pm

Is the criminal jim bakker an idiot or just senile?

The crazed comeback televangelist Jim Bakker who was imprisoned in the 1980s for embezlement and many other crimes, has been trying to peddle his ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 12:05am

If you use the 'jailbreak' Amazon Firestick, you could see jail time

The risks of streaming illegal content through Amazon Firestick criminal copyright infringement is punishable by up to five years in federal prison ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 12:08am

Louisiana's Rep. Cedric Richmond shuts down Rep. Steve King's white privilege banter

Representative Cedric Richmond of Louisiana had to shut down the ignorant and racist banter of Steve King as he tried to present bullshit statistics ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 7:10pm

This dog just wants to stay outdoors

Maybe the city dogs really hate being inside the apartments and long for the freedom of the wild
Wednesday, December 27 2017 7:29pm

Kevin Wesley drops some philosophy on the best selling story book on Earth -- bible

The stories written in the Hebrew bible are certainly far fetched and seem to be the thou8ghts of a great prankster who figured he'd write some ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 8:36pm

The pranks only a white male could get away with

While these pranks are funny, a non-white person would immediately have been arrested and his pranking days done. Ah the joys of the privilege.
Wednesday, December 27 2017 8:52pm

Bad Lip reading - christmas with the trumps

Wednesday, December 27 2017 9:57pm

links between Trump’s commerce secretary and Putin’s son-in-law exposed

Over 13.4 million records exposes ties between Russia and U.S. President Donald Trump’s billionaire commerce secretary, the secret dealings of ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 10:07pm

The photos that made the 2017 crazy list

Accused mass killer Charles Manson dies at 83 and his kiddie photos flood the web Auto makers Tesla and Nikola release prototypes of their all ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 11:06pm

A Russian comedy duo has pranked US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley and made a fool of her

In a prank phone call, Haley was told about US intervention in the island of 'Binomo' and she assured them the US is closely following the situation ...
Thursday, December 28 2017 2:02am

The best 4th of July blow-up-tuation!

The wealthy Edwin Sarkissian spends a lot of money and time in the desert shooting stuff for fun, and Google pays him for that. This July 4th ...
Thursday, December 28 2017 3:00am

The rocket that made people believe in ET... for a moment

The SpaceX rocket that took flight on December 24, caused the people who saw it to freak out. Some thought it was extra terrestrials coming in, while ...
Thursday, December 28 2017 3:22am

How to lose your job immediately

When the job really stresses you out, things break in the office.
Thursday, December 28 2017 3:58am

She is badass with a motorbike

This petite stunter is SmashStunts and she makes the biggest bikes do what ever she imagines
Thursday, December 28 2017 1:31pm

When you've got a scooter but want that superbike sound

He must have longed for that superbike sound so he could be heard coming through town. He figured a trombone would get some attention.
Thursday, December 28 2017 3:52pm

If you must have hair for your job

If the job requires hair, this fake glued in hair is all good, but if it's for getting chics, dis is juss bullshit
Thursday, December 28 2017 4:10pm

Deebo is done with the Steelers

The near legendary line-backer James Harrison has been deactivated and tossed off the Pittsburgh Steelers team, but he was welcomed at the New ...
Thursday, December 28 2017 8:33pm

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump's restrained first speech

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump's restrained first speech to Congress and the media's reaction to the possibility of a more presidential ...
Thursday, December 28 2017 9:35pm

Trump Calls Obama To Discuss The Oscars & More

The late night host Conan love to take shots at POTUS
Thursday, December 28 2017 9:37pm

Best Trump jokes at the Emmys

Celebs will abuse any president, but since Trump began his POTUS run in 2014, celebs have taken time to write comedy skits that take the micky out of ...
Friday, December 29 2017 2:51am

It turns out the 'nigerian prince' is no prince or Nigerian

So all those emails you got that required your name, address and social number to get half of an exiled 'nigerian prince's' multi-million wealth, ...
Friday, December 29 2017 5:28pm

Everyone is vain, but this is ridiculous

It seems more men are opting for hair glue over hair implant
Saturday, December 30 2017 4:45pm

What happens when a 50 caliber hits tempered bullet proof glass

Bullet proofing is useless against a fat 50 caliber bullet, unless it's at least 2 feet thick.
Saturday, December 30 2017 7:09pm

The most bizarre guns that can take down an elephant

Men love guns and the more powerful the guns are, the more love those men have for the gun.
Saturday, December 30 2017 7:17pm

The state of abandoned millionaire mansions

Mike Tyson spent over $300 million in 10 years and lived in a mansion, but when the money ran out and he was imprisoned, his mansion was abandoned ...
Saturday, December 30 2017 7:24pm

The vodka is running through their veins

Saturday, December 30 2017 7:32pm

Then one day while cruising through Aussie land...

The most hilarious part of this video, is the contagious laughter.
Saturday, December 30 2017 7:37pm

Life is hard in the third world, and public transportation is near suicidal

In the rural excessively poor regions of the third world lands, public transportation is so rare that everyone who needs to get to town, tries to fit ...
Saturday, December 30 2017 7:49pm

Some bike crashes are just too funny to be sorry for laughing

The socially correct thing to do when there is mishap is to be in awe and pity. In this case one have to just let the laughter out.
Saturday, December 30 2017 8:09pm

So this is kinda cool, making smooth mortar look stylish

Ahh the wonders of human ingenuity. Why bother with piles of individual brick laying just to have an appearance when the same can be achieved with a ...
Saturday, January 06 2018 3:37am

This is the funniest serious cop commercial

The New Zealand police association produced quite a funny video commercial to recruit youth, and it works.
Saturday, January 06 2018 2:50pm

Stay of the crazy pills

McDonald's staff called police after Marcus Anthony Moratelli started arguing with himself, punching his table and throwing chairs, said Ricky ...
Saturday, January 06 2018 5:49pm

For the love of shooting

Guns are such an American lifestyle that people just go around and shoot at anything for pleasure.
Sunday, January 07 2018 12:42am

Stupid kids in Ukraine shoot towards street for entertainment

on Thursday, October 26, 2017 a teen shot a gun at random pedestrians, from his window in the central street of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Then he bragged ...
Sunday, January 07 2018 12:54am

Some folks are just crazy without drugs

Public commute can be a bane sometimes, and in this case it went crazy when one dude stepped on another's foot.
Sunday, January 07 2018 1:44am

Clayton Bigsby was born blind and told that he was white, it got funny

Chapelle plays Clayton Bigsby, the blind country black dude who hates black people because he thinks he is white.
Sunday, January 07 2018 2:31am

She chewed the stuffing for the turkey and people thought it was nasty

This is title at youtube "how to cook with your mouth" and it is just insane that people take it seriously.
Sunday, January 07 2018 2:36am

Homemade kitchen tricks that simplify your life

Sometimes you just don't need to buy new accessories for your kitchen. With some simple ingenuity, you can make organization easy, extract egg yolks ...
Sunday, January 07 2018 2:41am

The rural life is all about farm olympics

So the speed shearing tournament in New Zealand is certainly a big deal. It may not attract the city dwellers but they don't care. The city folks ...
Sunday, January 07 2018 2:50am

A drag race run on leg power

When both bikes stalled at the start, the riders took off running and pushing their bikes to the finish line. It's just funny.
Sunday, January 07 2018 2:00pm

Making a programmable CNC machine from DVD parts

This is simply brilliant
Monday, January 08 2018 4:08am

He really wanted his pickup to be noticed, so he changed it

Some guys just have to be the center of attention at all times, and making your pickup truck into a mini semi-truck is the ultimate attention ...
Tuesday, January 09 2018 1:20am

Real alien creatures spotted on Earth

Is it all fake?
Tuesday, January 09 2018 1:35am

Sometimes animals just lose it with humans

Tuesday, January 09 2018 2:36am

Kids early in the model arena

The parents of these young girls are breaking down stereotypes in the modeling world by rocking their natural African hair texture. [audioplayer/]
Tuesday, January 09 2018 2:39am

Kids start training for top pro sports very early, so why are people so upset about MMA for kids

All professional sport are violent, because humanity is entertained by violence, as seen from the era of the Colosseum and the very violent video ...
Tuesday, January 09 2018 2:49am

When you just don't get it

He didn't get the fact
Tuesday, January 09 2018 3:21am

The era that loved many bright clothing colors and turned up collars

Tuesday, January 09 2018 10:23pm

The vintage MK1 Escort is still thrilling fans around the world

Throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s, the small car was dominant in Europe, and the Ford Escort MK1 was the affordable choice of many common folk. ...
Tuesday, January 09 2018 11:22pm

She made the mistake of questioning authority and paid a terrible price

A school teacher in Louisiana questioned the salary increase of the school superintendent and ended up being arrested in the worst way. The male ...
Wednesday, January 10 2018 2:54am

Let's poke some fun at the 'flat earthers'

The nuts who believe the Earth is flat are certainly worthy of abuse, without remorse.
Wednesday, January 10 2018 3:01am

This is just too damn ridiculous

Wednesday, January 10 2018 3:05am

The shit that only happens at Walmart

Wednesday, January 10 2018 4:07am

Sometimes the stunt goes very wrong, and people laugh

Some cops seem to be training for a stunt show and it all goes wrong. Now the shame lingers
Friday, January 12 2018 2:54pm

Self declared racist and nude model Jo Marney dishes out on Meghan Markle

Jo Marney is a declared white nationalist in UK and supports the extreme left group called 'Britain First', a fascist group which verbally terrorize ...
Monday, January 15 2018 5:28pm

Christina Treadway kills her kids and herself in North Carolina

34 year old Christina Treadway jumped to her death from a highway bridge on Saturday January 13 after fatally injuring her 7-year-old son Isaiah ...
Monday, January 15 2018 7:23pm

Are white cops trained to hate Black males or do they enter the force with that hate?

In Pasadena California on November 9 2017, Christopher Ballew’s was beaten by white cops during an arrest at an Altadena gas station, and it was ...
Tuesday, January 16 2018 7:35pm

Things that make you go yum!

Tuesday, January 16 2018 7:50pm

The madness of police extremism

Somewhere in Texas in 2015, cops seemingly were happy to disgrace 2 women. It seems once a human is classified as criminal, their humanity is null ...
Tuesday, January 16 2018 7:59pm

Ah the lovely tinsel bowl being made

If you like to know how anything is made, this will surely intrigue you.
Tuesday, January 16 2018 8:11pm

The future of transportation may literally be in the air

The flying car concept has existed since the 1960s when science and technology was on a supreme rise above religion and the UFO phenomenon had taken ...
Tuesday, January 16 2018 9:03pm

The Donald has said the most offensive, yet still they accept him. What is his power source?

Since 2014, Donald Trump has blasted numerous countries in derogatory terms, but it seems the leaders are not bothered and still welcome him. Is it ...
Wednesday, January 17 2018 3:50am

What makes one human superior to another?

There are people who hold onto fear of many things such as height, darkness, deep water, insects etc, yet there are some who will fearlessly go into ...
Wednesday, January 17 2018 2:06pm

The many stages of development defined visually

Watch as he demonstrates the stages of human ingenuity as the need arises and the creative mind conceives.
Wednesday, January 17 2018 4:26pm

When Shaq does your marketing, sales are guaranteed

Carnival Cruise Lines has created a few comical commercials with the mighty Shaquile Oneal to elaborate that their cruises are all about fun.
Wednesday, January 17 2018 4:29pm

Chrysler's effort to make the minivan seem like a cool ride: In come rapper Coolio

When advertisements are entertaining, people tend to watch it multiple times, and even share it. They may never buy what is being sold, but they help ...
Wednesday, January 17 2018 6:47pm

An invention that will make you wanna get out and ride 'cos it's a pedal bike

This little craft is called "podride", developed by Mikael Kjellman of Sweden and presented to the public in 2016. It merges exercise and practical ...
Monday, January 22 2018 2:51pm

Sometimes the crazies get loose among the society

Are these long-finger-nail women from a nut house?
Monday, January 22 2018 5:47pm

Things that will drive you crazy while trying to figure it out

What kinda witch craft is making the marbles align correctly by color?
Monday, January 22 2018 6:28pm

Nuclear energy can provide unlimited low cost energy, but it could also end life

Unlimited energy from nuclear fusion could be ready by 2030 and provide clean energy source that could power the entire world at almost no cost to ...
Monday, January 22 2018 6:46pm

The latest internet craze in excercise is the extreme stomach vacuum training

This extreme abs training is making the rounds across the globe as people try to get views by doing the most bizarre version of this craze.
Monday, January 22 2018 8:21pm

Then she slapped the doll so hard...

Monday, January 22 2018 9:40pm

Listen and heed his magical words

..but what is he saying?
Monday, January 22 2018 9:45pm

Her body produce 1.75 gallons of milk per day and she donates it

Would you feed someone else's human produce milk to your baby? Apparently some people do so. This woman's body produces 1.75 gallons of milk daily ...
Monday, January 22 2018 9:50pm

California is dedicated to converting trash into value, and everyone else should follow

The world is filled with waste created by humans and it's all reusable. Since 1995, numerous waste recycling companies have converted trash into ...
Monday, January 22 2018 9:53pm

She is the 'pocket queen' and she drops the beats

Her name is Taylor T’Keyah Gordon from New Orleans, Louisiana and she was born to rock da house. She's multi instrumental and trained at Berklee ...
Monday, January 22 2018 10:27pm

What to do when she leaves

Saturday, January 27 2018 12:58am

The X-Files poke fun at Trump with a promo video

An ET meets with Scully and Mulder and tells them Earthlings are not welcomed throughout the galaxy because they are sending rapists, thieves and ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 12:20pm

While some people can sing, she makes people barf

Many people have natural talents that entertain and bring smiles to faces, but 18 year old Tiffany Baze prefer to gore you to a good projectile ...
Sunday, February 04 2018 4:44am

The most messy Mcdonald's restaurant in England

These messy scenes were captured at the McDonald’s branch in Maidstone, Kent, England. One would wonder why anyone would choose to eat at that ...
Sunday, February 04 2018 3:36pm

Is this just the acclaimed 'white privilege' or this guy just met really fair cops

A man let off a litany of expletives on 2 cops in Chicago, and he was able to walk away unscathed. How is that even possible?
Sunday, February 04 2018 4:08pm

Don't be fooled by video magic. The invisibility cloak is totally fake

This video was posted to Youtube in December 2017 with the claim that Chinese cops were in possession of invisibility cloaks and now have the ability ...
Sunday, February 04 2018 6:02pm

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