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Allison is the editor-in-chief of The Media Mill and a columnist for NYD. Currently I am working on a book of essays to be published in the coming year.

She perused the mall wearing only body paint

Jen The Body Painter has dazzled viewers with great body art since 2015 but her recent stunt at a shopping mall caused many to do double ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 5:11pm

Beware of scam 'home based job' opportunities that pay a lot to do nothing

There are millions of posts at social networks which promote 'secret' high paying work-at-home opportunities which does not require any skill or ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 6:29pm

The most racist advertisements by popular brands

Tuesday, December 26 2017 7:19pm

Steve Harvey claims 'god' does not want you to share your 'blessing' with friends

While performing one of his so-called 'clean' stand up comedy show at the thieving church owned by the greedy preacher TD Jakes, Steve Harvey states ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 7:43pm

White man tosses candy on the ground for black kids

During the 2017 veterans' day parade in Millington, Tennessee, a white dude, maybe a vet, seemingly refused to place candy in the outstretched hands ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 9:14pm

This street fight knockout is too funny

Tuesday, December 26 2017 11:16pm

Are the men who get freaky with life size dolls just wacko?

Many men, and possibly women, are now getting their freak on with synthetic life size dolls that never age and they clean up nicely. Does that mean ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 12:12am

Black professional basketball players targeted and accused of petty theft by american airlines

On Tuesday December 26, Memphis Hustle guard Marquis Teague and forward Trahson Burrell were accused by American Airlines staff of theft of cheap ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 10:34pm

Maybe the book "Fire and Fury" is a collusion by Wolff, Trump and Bannon to make millions in 1 week

The book by Michael Wolff would not be a 'bestseller' had it not received 5 days of free global advertising through mass media who could not resist ...
Friday, January 05 2018 10:04pm

Sometimes the vagina farts, and it's all good

If a woman squats and a fart sound is heard, it may just be air being expelled from the vagina, and the doc says that is quite normal. So are ...
Saturday, January 06 2018 2:28pm

The Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii is about to be removed

The Haiku Stairs, known to travelers as the 'Stairway to Heaven', is located on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii, and is an attraction for thrill seekers ...
Saturday, January 06 2018 3:50pm

You can get away with this prank only when you're pretty

Don't try this stunt if you're fat and ugly, you may just get a beat down 😂
Saturday, January 27 2018 2:19pm

Porn star Stormy Daniels implies that she never signed the denial

Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Stephanie Clifford, stage name Stormy Daniels on Jan 29, '18, raised more questions than answers as the the adult ...
Thursday, February 01 2018 2:35pm

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